17th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for livestock farming, dairy and meat production 19 – 22 February 2019 Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2

Livestock breeding & management

High standards of livestock breeding are integral for successful business development. Visit this section of Dairy & Meat Industry to find the latest breeding and rearing tech from the world’s leading manufacturers.

High standards of livestock breeding are important conditions for successful business development.
All aspects of animal husbandry need to be taken into account: fitness, availability and correct dosage feed, temperature regimes, cleanliness, and comfortable housing conditions.
Careful observation of the requirements needed for complete animal breeding results in a high quality, competitive raw product. And, in a culture where consumers are paying more attention to product origins, it has never been more vital to use the best cattle rearing solutions and technologies to stay ahead.
Dairy & Meat Industry presents a wide range of products and services for farm animal breeding and managing at the exhibition, suitable for both large-scale agribusinesses and small to medium-sized operations.
In this exhibition sector, you will find:
• Equipment, tools & technology for animal care & management
• Feed distribution equipment
• Water treatment & watering systems
• Stall equipment
• Animal marking solutions
• Milking & cooling equipment
• Production process hygiene solutions
• Sanitation equipment
• Vehicles for livestock enterprises
• Livestock loaders
• Vehicles for livestock transportation
• Manure collection, storage, processing & disposal systems
• Waste processing equipment & technologies
• Microclimate management, energy saving & environmental protection machinery & technologies
• Materials & machinery for livestock housing
• Livestock housing design & construction services