17th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for livestock farming, dairy and meat production 19 – 22 February 2019 Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2

Feed additives and vitamins. Veterinary products and tools

Feed additives — is an effective means for obtaining high-quality agricultural products. They allow for the improvement of the properties of feed, balancing the diet in terms of basic nutrients and vitamins, which ultimately increases the yield of agricultural products.

The efficiency of animal production is primarily determined by feed quality. It is scientifically grounded that milk yields, gain, reproduction rates and health of animals proportionally correspond to the nutritional value of their diet. Feed additives — is an effective means for obtaining high-quality agricultural products. They allow for the improvement of the properties of feed, balancing the diet in terms of basic nutrients and vitamins, which ultimately increases the yield of agricultural products. Feed additives accelerate growth and improve development without the risk of pathological conditions, have a positive effect on the digestive system, improve the overall health of animals.

Feed additives are developed for each species of animals taking into account their physiological characteristics. It is important to note the role of veterinary preparations and tools in animal production. Operational background of livestock farms and enterprises shows that the intensification of animal production is often not accompanied by improvement in hygienic and veterinary-sanitary conditions in livestock houses, which has a negative impact on animal health. Large concentration of animals in limited areas, not always balanced diet, influence of various adverse factors reduce their natural resistance, productivity and ultimately lead to deterioration of the product. All this requires a serious intervention from the part of veterinary specialists and use of various kinds of medical products.

Products and services exhibited:

· Concentrated feed, fodder concentrates, feed additives

· Vitamins and mineral premixes

· Veterinary preparations, tools, equipment and services

A visit to the exhibition will allow you to get an idea about the offers concerning feed and feed additives, vitamins and veterinary preparations available at Russian markets, meet representatives of production and supplying companies and conclude contracts in just four days.

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