17th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for livestock farming, dairy and meat production 19 – 22 February 2019 Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2

Feed production equipment and technologies

This section presents machinery for various types of agricultural work, designed to increase labour productivity in agriculture.

Among the many factors that determine the development of dairy farming and beef cattle breeding the most important is the condition and development of forage resources. The condition of forage resources determines productivity and number of animals and livestock product output. Feed share in the costs composition of livestock product output is 50 — 55% for milk production and 65-70% for beef production.
The primary objective of feed production is providing livestock with complete feed. Feeding influences development, growth rate, body weight and reproductive functions of animals. Successful development of animal production is possible only with full provision of livestock with high-quality fodders. In dairy cattle breeding and beef cattle breeding, green, coarse and succulent fodders account for up to 80-85% of total consumption. The rest is concentrated feed. For animal production not only the quantity, but also the quality of the feed is important, i.e. the feed value which is determined by the nutritional content. A diet or a feed is considered complete if it contains all the substances necessary for the animal and is able to maintain all its physiological functions in normal state for a long time.
The genetic potential inherent in animals cannot be revealed without systematic introduction of achievements in zootechnical and veterinary science, proper organization of feeding, management and care and use of advanced labor management. Use of modern mechanical equipment has a favorable effect not only on production indices and economic factors, but also influences the mode of operations of farming enterprises. Modern agricultural equipment allows you to address the issues concerning diversification of agricultural production. It is important not only for large farming companies, but also for farm enterprises. Use of capabilities of multi-functional equipment allows more flexible approach to structure of production, and as a result, reduces financial risks of agricultural enterprises.

Products and services exhibited:

• seeds
• plant protection products and equipment
• forage conservation equipment
• forage cutting machines
• machinery and consumables for packing and packing of feeds
• tractors, combine harvesters for agricultural enterprises and farms
• loading-and-unloading machines
• transportation equipment (trailers and semi-trailers, containers, tanks)
• light-duty feed milling plants, mobile feed milling plants
• equipment and devices for determining quality and safety of feeds
• fertilizers
• fertilizer application machinery
• machinery weighing equipment
• used equipment and machinery for feed production
• other offers for agricultural enterprises and farms

A visit to the exhibition will allow you to get an idea about the offers concerning feed production available at Russian markets, see samples of equipment exhibited at the venue, meet representatives of production companies and suppliers and conclude contracts in just four days.

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