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SIG Combibloc enhances consumer confidence in product quality

Thanks to new digital technologies, dairy products can now be traced from source to shelf. High-level transparency is a boon for consumers and companies alike.
SIG Combibloc enhances consumer confidence in product quality
In a new project, SIG helped Brazil’s Languiru Cooperative raise consumer’s confidence in the Brazilian firm’s dairy products. With new digital applications developed alongside Siemens, dairy products can be traced directly from their source across the whole production journey.
Languiru is one the world’s largest producers of meat and dairy products with a company motto of “Quality from beginning to end.” This philosophy was adopted in order to boost customer confidence in the brand’s products, as well as proving the value of Languiru’s product portfolio.
In a country like Brazil, with long transport routes, quality control can prove difficult across the value chain: from raw ingredients to finished products’ final supermarket destination. As the company is located in the south, in Rio Grande do Sul, Languiru’s biggest challenge of improving food safety and production/transportation controls.
They did this by turning to long-time Dairy & Meat Industry exhibitors SIG Combibloc.

New Dairy product tracability software from SIG Combiblock

Data Analysis
A number of factors must be considered when ensuring production transparency. Firstly, it’s necessary to collect data at each production stage, starting from collecting milk from farmers. After this initial analysis, the milk is sent to Languiru’s dairy plant, where it will be lab tested for composition and potential falsification. 
Throughout the production process, additional lab tests are undertaken for quality control purposes.
SIG Combiblock’s app connects to Languiru’s Production Management System. It is designed to track dairy products in their various distribution channels. For quality control during the manufacturing process, information is collection through the app’s Enterprise Resource Planning system by inputting data from tablets and other devices. RFID technology tracks packaging movement too.
All this information is collection using an integrated system developed by SIG.


Unique ID for each dairy package

SIG’s solution provides a unique QR code for each bottle, carton and other packaging varieties. These codes help eliminate forgery and outlines the product’s path from factory to supermarket.
Since each cardboard package has this unique ID, all collection product data refers to its identifier in the system database.
Consumers can also easily access all this data. All they need to do is scan the QR code on their Smartphone through standard code-reading applications. They are then automatically taken to a user-friendly website, which lists all product data from simple manufacturing and expiration dates to detailed chemical analysis of raw milk, pasteurized milk and the end product.
Lab testing results, such as PH levels, acidity, density and other values are also displayed, as well as a key listing acceptable standards for all indicators. Additionally, the website contains lots of useful information about milk, dairy production and testing, a power calculator, interesting facts and lots more.


Transparency as a competitive advantage
Transparency gives producer some major advantages. Since each pallet, tray, or individual package is labelled and tracked, when negative product claims appear, the cause ban be identified with higher speed and accuracy.
For example, if there is a problem with the quality if the raw ingredients, or a problem with distribution, issues can be spotted and solved efficiently.
In addition, a transparent and fast-tracking solution simplifies and speeds up product returns as needed too.
Packaging can be tracked and traced with unparalleled accuracy, right up until it is delivered to the retailer and stocked on shelves. This not only helps to increase food safety and quality, but Languiru’s brand image is enhanced, and also makes product recalls cost-effective.
Another area where tracking technology can enhance is internet marketing. Unique QR codes allow companies to simplify carrying out promotional activities in a particular supermarket chain in a specific region, for instance.
To that end, SIG has developed a unique application providing database creation and marketing and sales activity analysis. This opens up new ways to establish direct contact with customers, improve brand loyalty and increase market share with a smaller budget than traditional marketing.
Suitable for consumer megatrends
SIG & Languiru’s collaboration shows enormous potential in improving customer relations across the dairy industry. 
Ricardo Rodriguez, CEO of SIG Cluster of America said: “The launch of a new digital platform is our solution for three megatrends dictated by consumers: being in touch, consumers are increasingly aware and want to get information anywhere, anytime; authenticity and trust – transparacy of product quality information, food safety and forgery protection; and finally, natural products having certificates of origin and not containing any chemicals and genetically modified crops.”
For SIG, it is important to not only provide solutions that are unprecedented in the market, but also to respond quickly and even pre-empt customer problems, when developing and launching relevant innovations.

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